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    Chongqing is the largest city on Earth by city area.
    The city is built on a mountain and is known by some as The Most Romantic City in the World. Famous for hotpot, spicy food and nature. Together with the surrounding cities it has a population close to the country of Canada, but many people have not heard of it, which makes it a more authentic Chinese experience.

    Chongqing (pop. 16 million or 31 million if you count the built up cities surrounding it):
    Chongqing is different from our kindergarten program.
    Teachers teach around 16 lessons per week, with usually 2 or 3 lessons each evening during the week.
    They have kindergarten age classes with the M.E.F.  (Starting at around 4 or 5pm) and then they teach usually 4 lessons or 5 lessons on Saturdays.
    General class schedule is:
    5:00–6:00,  6:20–7:20 from Monday to Friday, and 8:30–12:20, 2:30–5:50 on Saturdays.

    They will be changing the schedule to 5 days per week and expect to have some morning lessons added.
    The teachers live within walking distance from the campus (about a 25 minute walk). There is a shuttle that you can use from the gate to the school, but most teachers walk.  It is a beautiful walk with nature lining the whole way.

    Apartments are cheap. Teachers pay about 2000 RMB, or 1000 RMB if you subtract the 1000 apartment allowance from M.E.F., which equals $140 to $150 US per month.

    For the summer, teachers have 4 weeks unpaid, but with the first 2 weeks in the summer is full long days, but the teachers generally get more paid time off than other areas, with generally 2 extra weeks off paid in the summer and this year teachers received 6 weeks paid off for the Chinese new year.


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