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    With over 15 years experience in Asia, M.E.F. works hard to overcome the common problems that can be found in many of the Chinese companies hiring foreign teachers. We strive to remove the complications and make it so teachers can just teach and enjoy what they do.

    First, our system addresses most of the common problems. We strive to offer a very clear understanding of what to expect before you start, to avoid surprises.

    Having good training and a smooth start is very important.

    Our teaching system makes it so there is not a need for much preparation time and so that teachers can have wonderful materials, training and support to teach fun lessons.

    The kids usually love our teachers as it is not like teaching grammar or testing. Our teachers get to be the fun teachers that the kids love.

    Most of the teachers will say that we offer great support, a smoother transition into Chinese life and gap the many cultural differences in the best way we can.

    Another thing is that we strongly welcome feedback. We always admit that everything is not perfect but try our best to improve in all areas.

    Lastly, we love what we do.

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