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    With over 15 years experience in Asia, MEF World works hard to overcome the common problems that can be found in many of the Chinese companies hiring foreign teachers. We strive to remove the complications and make it so teachers can just teach and enjoy what they do.

    First, our system addresses most of the common problem. We strive to offer a very clear understanding of what to expect before you start, to avoid surprises.

    We try to make schools be as transparent as possible. 99% of the problems happen when communication and expectations are not clear. You can easily go online and find some teacher (not through MEF) that had a horrible experience teaching in China. There are bad people in the world, but it is a good bet that if you spoke to the Chinese company or people they are complaining about, the Chinese company simply did not understand the needs to the teacher, did not explain things clearly at all in their contracts or on arrival and did not communicate well, plus sprinkle the many cultural differences in with that and you have a very upset teacher and a school that probably feels they just got “another bad teacher”. This all takes away from what should be an awesome experience.

    We keep updating our systems but the key is transparency for the teachers. Laying out as much details and giving as much information as we can so when teachers are choosing their school, they can understand what is being offered and start the experience on the right track.

    Most of the teachers will say that we offer great support, a smoother transition into Chinese life and gap the many cultural differences in the best way we can.

    Another thing is that we strongly welcome feedback. We always admit that everything is not perfect but try our best to improve in all areas.

    Lastly, we love what we do.

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