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    China holds a history going back 5,000 years. Whether you want to learn Mandarin, history, travel the world or be a part of the future, China is the place you want to be.

    China has long been looked at as third world by the west through the media and views of communism. After spending time in China, people will clearly tell you that it is far from that. In many ways, China’s development exceeds the west and is safer than most American cities. It is the new land of opportunity and exciting exploration.

    After recently being in Mexico and trying to take transportation, I missed using the transportation systems in China. Even in smaller villages I seemed to get around China with ease comparatively. Mexico, I felt like I needed to haggle or load more apps that didn’t work or wait for a bus that didn’t follow what I was able to find out online, or pay higher prices with Uber and even with Uber it didn’t work like normal.

    Ordering food, and shopping is all much more advanced in China and they don’t seem to charge all of the extras.

    One of the simplest reasons is that it is still cheap there. Transportation is cheap, food is cheap (no tipping), accommodations, internet, etc. They don’t have a second system to charge more for foreigners and you can live comparatively well there on a teachers salary.

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