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    MEF teaches the core training and teachers are expected to also learn from, and adjust what they teach, depending on the kindergarten’s preferences.

    The M.E.F. system consists of mainly vocabulary flashcards, songs and dances, games and races, and conversational phrases and goals.

    Teachers generally have

    • Pre-arrival online TEFL training (FREE)
    • At least three days of on-site training
    • On-going training which generally consists of video/online training.

    Training is broken up into:

    • Theory, understanding cultural points, the system and what to expect.
    • Watching videos and live teaching examples. Getting teachers up in front of the class for getting the feel of the lessons.
    • Getting teachers together with current teachers, and understanding what special requests and needs each kindergarten may have.

    Many teachers start without prior experience controlling a kindergarten class, but after a number of classes teachers are usually always able to adapt, get comfortable and enjoy their lessons.

    Click the following to see the video on training

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