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    This is really a matter of preference. Not all food will match a teacher’s preferences but most teachers are amazed at the options and are able to definitely find enough tasty dishes that they can enjoy. The menus are generally three or four times the size of what would be normal in western countries.  The variety is truly amazing with many regional dishes.

    The first thing you will notice is that Chinese food in Western countries (the fast food type of Chinese food) is completely different than what you find in China. There are no fortune cookies and aside from fried rice and a few other dishes like sweet and sour pork, many of the dishes don’t exist.

    Also, if you travel around China you will find different favourite foods. Northern China is supposed to be more plain (although you can still find restaurants with other area flavours), Chengdu/Chongqing and the cities around there are spicy, and the south is sweeter.

    Rice, noodles, vegetables, and meat are generally what is available in most Chinese restaurants with many different varieties and flavors to explore. There are also things like pizza, bread and western or foreign food options, which are usually not too hard to find.

    Most teachers say they love the food.

    For more information on vegetarians and allergies visit: Vegetarians and Allergies in China

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