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    The question of health care often comes from US citizens, simply because the health system in the US seems to be expensive, relying on private insurance and of great concern.

    To cover the question of coverage, the health insurance that teachers have in China is for emergencies or if you get sick and need to see a doctor. (not for current prescriptions or current health issues)

    I will attach a more detailed description that you can open and look through.

    Up to this point there have been a few teachers that needed to go visit a doctor, one teacher had minor surgery, a few teachers have got vaccinations in China (at a fraction of the cost), two teachers had ebike accidents (one couldn’t walk for a couple days), and a few teachers have easily found the medication that they needed and felt the price was much cheaper in China to get the same drugs.

    It is not a perfect system by any means and it may be difficult if you need specific meds and need to get a doctor there to give you a prescription, but there has yet to be any complaints about the insurance coverage or someone needed to get treatment but not be able to afford it, etc.

    Each area will have slightly different policies and insurance companies will update policies, etc.

    Here is an example:
    Insurance information document


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