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    If possible please bring 4 passport style photos (the ones that you needed for the Chinese visa application) to China as they will need these. If not, then they will be able to find a place to get them done there.

    Especially remember to bring your

    • original diploma,
    • original police check
    • authenticated diploma
    • authenticated police check
    • TEFL certificate (if you have it)
    • and any other original documents that you have from applying.

    (if not, then it delays things as you need to ask someone to send them to you so that we can apply for your residency permit in China for you)

    For cities that require the physical exam be done before going to China, please bring the original of those documents as well.

    For opening a bank account:
    Bring two forms of I.D to open bank account (passport + one more). UK citizens also should have their national insurance number. For Canadians know your SIN number just in case, and US; your tax number.

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