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    Salary taxes are generally less than what needs to be paid in western countries.

    Each area has slightly different tax rates and ways they calculate.
    Many of the teachers have been paying 9% but then in China the government can change regulations, so it is hard to know the exact number.

    Generally the Chinese employer covers a portion of the taxes and the employee is also required to cover a portion (you will need to pay some money for taxes).

    Health insurance fee payment by the teacher is approximately 200 rmb (20%).

    Approximate water and electricity is 250 rmb per month.

    Internet and phone rates depend on the city, but most teachers say the fees are comparatively very cheap.
    Most teacher pays around 100 RMB total per month for both their home and mobile phones (with unlimited data)

    Some places have a service fee for their apartments, especially if their is an entrance guard. This is usually around 100 RMB per month.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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