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    Yibin is a prefecture-level city in the southeastern part of Sichuan province, China, located at the junction of the Min and Yangtze Rivers.  It is just over an hour from Chengdu (the place famous of pandas)

    It is one of our newest cities for MEF teachers.  What interests teachers most there is that it is definitely more of an authentic Chinese experience. The people are still very excited to see a foreign person and are very welcoming.

    Here is a video from Sam, one of the current teachers in Yibin.



    Yibin (population around 5 million)
    Although we are still teaching kindergarten children in Yibin, the current location needs our teachers in a language school.
    This means that usually the teachers do not have a 9 to 5/Monday to Friday type position.

    The mountains, food (famous Sichuan spicy food), the attention you get there being a foreigner,
    the cost of living.

    It is not our typical kindergarten MEF schedule.

    It is a smaller group there. There are other teachers there but not a big group of expats (if that is something that you prefer).
    This means that you will have a more authentic Chinese experience and have a lot more attention being a foreigner there (which is the highlight of being in China for many people).

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