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    Most things you can find in China.
    Here are a few helpful notes on things to bring:

    Deodorant: Bring enough to last. Generally Asian people do not need deodorant so it is hard to find. Also, we have had teachers that did not need deodorant in their home countries but found they needed it here maybe because of different weather. Anyways, all males should bring enough deodorant to last them.

    Ladies – if you use tampons then bring them, they do not sell them here. Asians generally only use pads/sanitary towels.

    Apartments will have the basic furnishing, but expect you need to spend some money to for sheets, blankets, pillows, soap, towels, laundry detergent and stuff like that.
    Especially pillows, sheets and blankets never seem to come used in furnished apartments (unless there was a teacher in the apartment before you)

    I have heard teachers having trouble finding dry shampoo but normally everything can be found. Most people love shopping once they figure it all out. One teacher brought three bottles of mouth wash because he was very specific on the brand. If you have extra large feet or abnormally long arms maybe bring enough shoes and long sleeve shirts but generally teachers find that they brought too much stuff.

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