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    Yes, teachers can get packages easily.

    I have heard outside foreigners (not our teachers) very frustrated with the system. Usually when they deliver, they call and need to navigate to deliver so some Chinese support is needed. Good news is there are ways to do things well.

    Sending things right
    Inside China they have often one-day shipping, and most of our teachers just use the school and have packages sent there.  Teachers will use the contact phone number there so the shipping company will contact the school and make sure the packages arrive. If your apartment has a guard and you can manage communication that may also be an option.  Some also have a system with boxes where you get a key and go down and open the box to get your stuff which will be shown when you get your apartment if they have a system like that.

    Labeling international packages with also the Chinese address (copy/paste/print/add to the package) and remembering to leave a name and phone number of a Chinese person there, seems to make for smooth deliveries.  I think some foreigners will just send stuff with only the English address and no phone number, an international number or the teacher’s number and all of these will probably end with some frustration. So having a package with the Chinese address and phone number also on the package (in Chinese) will help a lot.  In case you are wondering, phone number just use numbers (not Chinese characters for the numbers).

    Most of the packages received now are from online shopping.

    For more information on online shopping see this link: How can I do online shopping in China?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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