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    A couple weeks ago a number of countries had many areas with full lock-down in place.  Up to that point we were able to get the work permit invitation letters and were processing PU letters (the two documents needed from immigration to allow for teachers to have a work visa.

    At this point the PU letters across China are on hold.  Many Chinese Embassies are also closed.

    It seems that many countries are waiting until they feel countries have Covid under control before they will reopen their borders.  We feel that the vaccines will help with this.

    Regardless of the hold on issuing PU letters across China, it will take any new teaching entering the hiring process at least a month or two to gather the documents needed to apply for the Work permit invitation letter and the PU letter, so it is best that teachers start preparing the documents and expect that things will change in the next month or two.

    What if there is a delay?

    Most of the teachers we are hiring now, we are hiring to start as soon as possible. We will adjust the contract dates and get teachers their as quickly as we can.  We also have some teachers that are preparing now to start the next school year (from the end of August), which is also possible.

    Will I be Quarantined

    It is hard to know what will happen a month or two from now, but there is a good chance that countries will keep precautions in place including probably quarantine. We are not able to say exactly what we will do in each circumstance.  For example, for costs we cannot guarantee paying for any outcome, but we also do not expect teachers to have to pay for everything either. Usually we offer something in the middle that teachers have understood and felt to be generous if not reasonable.

    Will I need to have the vaccine before I can travel

    There are rumors that in order to travel proof of vaccine will be needed. This is only a rumor. If the airlines implemented such requirement it would mean that almost all travel at the moment would come to a halt (and only very old people and health care workers would be able to travel). We cannot be 100% sure, but I don’t think restrictions like this will be in place any time soon (possible after the vaccine is readily available to all people, but this is just a guess).


    How is China Now?

    When comparing China to most other countries, China seems to be safer.

    The teachers currently have to wear masks when they go outside. Most have to get their temperature taken when they leave their apartment complex, enter any public building and when they arrive at their school.

    Inside the classroom, we have stopped things like high-fives and there is more hand washing, etc. (like most schools in the world now)

    Each school/area has their own rules, but at this time teachers are not needing to teach all day with a mask on and most have said that things are basically back to normal at their schools.

    Life seems to be almost back to normal (like before Covid) inside China.


    Arriving in China 

    First teachers in the hiring process should understand that it will take some time to prepare and the policies keep changing, so it hard to say what exactly it will be like when you arrive.

    Currently China is requiring a Covid19 test results received within 3 days of taking your flight to be shown before they will allow you to take the flight.

    There is a chance of quarantine, like everywhere. We are hoping that in the time it takes teachers to prepare their work permit documents and get their visa there will not be outbreaks and restrictions will be lowered.


    What if there is an outbreak?

    When the big outbreak happened before, schools in China were closed for around 5 months.  The majority of our teachers stayed.  Some work was still available and the basic living expenses were covered while teachers were not able to work.

    Looking forward, it is hard to say exactly what we would do in any given situation. Every country and business cannot promise everything will be perfect regardless of the direction Covid takes.  What we can promise is that MEF will try our best and keep good communication like we are known for.

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