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    June/July 2022 Update:
    The Chinese government is starting to support work permit applications again as the world opens up.
    In a summary, the PU letter requirement was dropped (which was the document needed before/during covid) and quarantine has been reduced to 7 days (hotel) + 3 days self quarantine.  Double Vaccination is required at this time (Chinese-made vaccine is no longer required).
    The Notice on the Adjustment of Requirements for Chinese Visa Application During COVID Pandemic states:
    “Applicants intending to work in the Mainland of China, can apply for Z visa by submitting the routine documents (See link: http://hk.ocmfa.gov.cn/eng/fwxx/wgrqz/201308/t20130829_7797418.htm, similarly hereinafter).  The Invitation Letters (PU or TE) issued by relevant local authorities no longer required, however, the full-process vaccination certificates of the vaccine licensed or approved for emergency use by China or the World Health Organization shall be provided.”
    Reduced Quarantine Period:

    What if there is a delay?

    Although things are looking better, we have all learned well that there may be a delay or some outbreak or covid situation could surface regardless.

    Document processes are still taking time as well, so it is best to expect some sort of delay.

    What is my flight is cancelled or there is a lack of flights

    First MEF English will pay up to 6000 RMB for the flight and help to get the best flight possible when it comes time to book your flight.  There is a possibility that we run into challenges depending on where you are leaving from, but our schools are understanding as we all get through these world challenges.


    Will I be Quarantined

    Currently yes, for 7 days at a hotel on arrival, plus 3 more days self quarantine (also more than likely at a domestic hotel).  This may change.  We are trying to cover part/half or all of the quarantine costs. It depends on which location and school but the last offer was for our school offering 50% reimbursement for the quarantine expense on the first day of teaching and 50% reimbursement when the contract is finished in the case of the 7 day quarantine. The quarantine hotels offer food and internet and usually cost around 350 yuan (US$50) per day.

    Will I need to have the vaccine before I can travel

    At the moment yes. You need to have at least be double vaccinated. This may change though.


    How is China Now?

    When comparing China to most other countries, China seems to be safer, but they also have quick reactions which can definitely lead to sudden changes in policy, and mass lock-downs.

    The good news is that although current teachers inside China have experienced sudden lock-downs, they tend to be much shorter (like a week or two) instead of the longer lock-downs experienced in other countries.


    What if there is an outbreak?

    When the big outbreak happened before, schools in China were closed for around 5 months.  The majority of our teachers stayed.  Some work was still available and the basic living expenses were covered while teachers were not able to work.

    Looking forward, it is hard to say exactly what we would do in any given situation. Every country and business cannot promise everything will be perfect regardless of the direction Covid takes.  What we can promise is that MEF will try our best and keep good communication like we are known for.

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