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    Credit cards

    For some places you can use your credit card.

    Like bigger hotels and some larger stores but usually they don’t accept it.

    Taxis don’t accept it for the most part.

    Even if a place does accept credit cards, expect that some wont accept a foreign credit card.



    Cash is still accepted and used but less and less.


    Wechat / Alipay

    The most common payments are done with Wechat pay and Alipay.

    Wechat is easier and used more with smaller purchases (you can use it even for buying things on the street), but most people have both and most vendors will accept both. If you are in Hangzhou (where the base for Alibaba/Alipay is, you may find some people only use Alipay).

    For Wechat it is extremely easy to send money. For vendors they will show you a QR code and then you scan and accept the payment amount. For friends you can send money in a chat that they simply click and accept.

    Alipay seems more formal and you get a receipt when using it so this is used more for larger purchases or business purchases.

    If you are teaching and working in China, you will be able to get a bank account fairly quickly and easily and then it is just a matter of connecting it to your Wechat or Alipay account.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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