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    Coming with someone who also wants to teach with MEF

    Definitely. Please both of you apply and just mention that you would like to go together when you have your interview so we can note it and make sure you would both be teaching in the same city (or same school if possible).



    We help you find and set up your housing so it would just be a matter of telling your preference (for example needs for your family/sharing with someone else) when you are shopping for apartments together with us.



    There isn’t much difference if you need to add family to your visa. Just more paperwork.

    If it is a partner (not married) or friend then you would both just be applying individually.


    Bringing Children

    We have had kindergartens offer for the child of the teacher to be able to go to the kindergarten the teacher will be teaching at. The problem is that everything cannot be arranged perfectly in advance and many things would be set up after arriving.  So long as the parent is flexible we can accommodate and help them. If you have older children it is good to remember that above kindergarten they would have a lot of trouble/probably not possible to go to a regular Chinese school, and the English international schools will charge extremely high prices for your child to attend. If your partner is able to home-school them this may be an option.


    Partner coming together but not working

    Often if the partner does not have their degree (for example), they may just want to come together. We have had this work, but keep in mind it is bad idea to go and get illegal work, or might not be realistic to be a tourist for a year..

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