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    Application > Interview > Check References > Job Offer > Next Steps…

    For the full list of Work Permit documents needed please visit here.



    Authenticating Documents For Australian Teachers:

    The end result is to have a police check and your university diploma authenticated by the Chinese Embassy/visa processing centre (these two main documents are needed when we apply for your work permit). In Australia the final document may be put into one final authenticated booklet like the example.

    Examples of the two documents needed:

    The booklet should look something like this examples once they are notarized, authenticated by the province and authenticated by the Chinese Embassy

    Example Page1:

    Example Page2 (Backside):

    Example Page3:

    Example Page4:

    Example Page5 (backside):

    Australian Application Process

    Completing your Police Check (Name Only)


    Download and fill out the form in the link provided: https://www.police.vic.gov.au/national-police-records-checks#apply-for-a-national-police-check

    You’ll need to attach photocopies of your choice of your proof of identity such as your passport, medicare card and birth certificate. Photocopies must be signed by a pharmacist or certified person. The form will also need to be signed and witnessed.

    Then, purchase a bank cheque from your local bank of $48.90AUD (as of January 2020).

    Finally, post the document off to the address below. It should take around 10 working days.

    Public Enquiry Service Victoria Police

    GPO Box 919 MELBOURNE VIC 3001

    Finding a Notary


    Make an appointment by calling T: 03 9863 7732 http://www.notaries.org.au

    If you are not based in Victoria, it is probably best to find somewhere local.

    You will need to bring A4 photocopies of your Police Check and your Degree.

    They charge $99.00 AUD per item. You will need to notarize your degree and police check so make the appointment after you have received your police check in the mail. You can also have them authenticate the document for you with DFAT which is faster but at a higher cost (so you can skip the next step).

    They are located at:

    728/1 Queens Road

    St. Kilda Road Towers

    Melbourne Victoria 3004

    Authenticating the Documents at DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade)


    After your documents have been notarized, you’ll need to get your documents (degree and police check) authenticated by DFAT. You can visit DFAT in person, but you’ll need to make an appointment weeks ahead.

    DFAT address:

    Level 2, Collins Square

    747 Collins Street, Docklands

    T: 1300 935 260 E: authentications@dfat.gov.au

    Alternatively you can have it completed via post with no appointment required.

    Complete the form below:

    https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/sites/default/files/2019-10/document-legalisation-request-form.pdf It will cost $83.00 AUD / document

    Postal address:

    Australian Passport Office

    Authentications Section

    GPO Box 2239

    Melbourne VIC 3001

    Authenticating the Documents at the Chinese Consulate


    Before visiting the Chinese Consulate, be sure to fill out the following form attached to the bottom of this PDF.

    You must bring:

    -Australian Passport

    -Your police check and degree which have both been authenticated by the notary public and DFAT.

    -You will also need to photocopy all the documents (A4 Size) and provide these to the Chinese Consulate.

    The Chinese Consulate in Victoria is located at:

    534 Toorak Road

    Toorak VIC 3142

    Don’t confused the Chinese Consulate with the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre, which you’ll need to visit later to finalize your Visa.

    Here is the application form partially filled in. Please remember to download (not try to edit) the following document:


    Please note: 

    For “Employer”, the information is filled in for MEF.

    In case they do ask for the phone number for MEF it is: 

    (852) 3008 8336 (Hong Kong) or

    (86) 2180365438 (Mainland China)

    Area 2, Area 7 and Area 8: Leave blank unless you are going through a service to get the document authenticated.

    If you are going through the service that does the authentication process for you, they will tell you what to write and ask you to sign Area 8, but those areas are only for when a company/service is getting the authentication for you and not for when you are getting the documents authenticated yourself.

    For #4 “Destination of legalization”, it is fine to just put “Shanghai, China” or change to the city that you are expecting to go.  The actually city can change and will not matter for the visa.


    Work Permit


    Scan an email your authenticated documents to M.E.F.


    This should include your:

    -Police Check -Degree



    -Health Confirmation

    -Chinese Visa Photos

    -Chinese Work Permit Application

    Applying for your Visa at the Chinese Visa Application Centre


    The Chinese Visa Application Service Centre is located at:


    Ground Level, 570 St. Kilda Road

    Melbourne VIC 3004

    *For most of these steps it’s best to find a local option. If you are based in Tasmania, unfortunately your local option is Melbourne for the Chinese Consulate and Chinese Visa Application Centre. For most of the steps, you can choose to complete it online or through the post.

    Important: Remember to make A4 photocopies of everything and keep them in a folder with you, including your passport.

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