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    Needed for Processing Working Permit from China
    (All can be sent to us by e-mail)

    • Copy of your Diploma (Bachelor’s Degree + if you have any other certificates or qualifications please also send them). Bachelor’s Degree MUST BE AUTHENTICATED/NOTARIZED BY THE CHINESE EMBASSY/CONSULATE

    US Citizens – Download Document for authentication explanation
    Canadian Citizens – Download Document for authentication explanation
    UK Citizens – Download Document for authentication explanation
    Northern Ireland – Download Document for authentication explanation
    Australian Citizens – Download Document for authentication explanation

    • Police Check.  The simplest form of police check is fine. In Canada, this is a form called “Canadian Police Certificate For Visa Applicants/Foreign travel/foreign work permits”, in the US this is a form that you can get while you wait at the local police/Sheriff’s station. Please see the list explained for the UK DBS.
      The police check must not be older than six months at the time they process the work permit, so unless you have a very recent police check, you will probably need to get a new one quickly.  For teachers that will not be starting the position for over six months please wait to get your police check until around the six-month-prior-to-starting mark.  AFTER THE POLICE CHECK MUST BE AUTHENTICATED/NOTARIZED BY THE CHINESE EMBASSY/CONSULATE


    • If you currently have a TEFL certificate we strongly advise also having this authenticated together with the other two documents.

    Although it may seems for some applicants that they have enough time to postpone getting started with the documents, it is best to get on this right away.

    Work Permit Application Information (needed for us to apply for you in China)

    (Please DOWNLOAD the following file instead of requesting to change it as it is a shared file so you need to download it before making changes to it.)

      Download excel/google docs file

    • Please fill this in the best you can. Put type “———–“ if it does not apply.
      Please note that this is not for a visa application.   You will apply for your visa later once we give you the work permit documents. The details in this document are what we need to copy and paste in the Chinese online system when we apply for your work permit.

    Health Confirmation Download docx/google docs file

    • This is a personal statement, which should be signed by you.  It is not necessary to have this signed by your doctor.
    • In some cases/cities, they will not accept the Health Confirmation and a physical exam/x-ray/blood test (using a specific document) may be necessary.  First we try to have the simple declaration accepted.  Please fill this in and sign/scan/email it to us.

    Chinese Visa Photos  Download PDF Attachment with sizes and photo details

    • Chinese Visa Photo (Hold on to one for the visa application in home country). (2 photos)

    Costco (name of a big store) generally charges $9 Canadian for passport photos (make sure you show them the exact sizes and that you also want it digital). Walmart, Sam’s etc. are all places that generally take passport photos and also do photos for visas. When you go there, show them the attached document.  They may go digital in the near future, but currently they often also ask for 4 passport photos when you do the arrival registration in China, so if possible get the digital and also 4 to 6 photos.  If there is no way to get a digital photo, just the get the regular photo and try to take a very clear scan or photo of the photo.

    Please e-mail these documents to us. Check the size and look of the scanned documents. If the size is tiny or not clear enough, please scan it to a higher quality.  Photos (instead of scanning) can sometimes also work fine so long as they are clear.  Make sure parts of the document are not cut off.

    Lastly when sending files, check the total size of the attachments in your e-mail. If it is over 10 MB, then send more emails to break up the attachments. Or use the following link/service to send larger files:  https://wetransfer.com/


    Here is a simplified checklist:
    o  Copy of diploma authenticated by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate
    o  Police records check (AKA DBS, no criminal record) authenticated by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate
    o  TEFL certificate (if you have one) authenticated by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate
    o  Chinese Work Permit Application (excel file)
    o  Signed Health Confirmation Document OR documents for Physical exam (if asked to provide this)
    o  Resume  (MS Word file preferred)
    o  Copy of Passport Photo Page
    o  Copy of past Chinese visa (if you have been to China before)
    o  Digital passport Photos following photo regulations (5 printed if possible)

    Remember this is only for teachers who have signed a contract with us and are preparing their documents. If we have not offered you a contract, please do not start to prepare or send these documents to us.

    Note: Please keep all original documents and bring them with you when you come to China. They will expect to see all the original documents later once you are in China. (make a note on your packing list, so you do not forget this when packing later)

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