किंडरगार्टन के लिए विशेष अंग्रेज़ी प्रोग्राम
पश्चिमी विधि, वास्तविक शिक्षण सामग्री, भर्ती, प्रशिक्षण, समर्थन

मिशन विवरण

  • अंग्रेज़ी का रोचक वातावरण बनाना
  • बच्चों को बातचीत का मौका देना विदेशी शिक्षकों के साथ और अंग्रेज़ी सीखें बेहद स्वभाविक तरीके से।
  • अंग्रेज़ी को मज़ेदार बनाना।

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MEF क्या है?

किंडरगार्टन पाठ

30-minute Lessons
(One/two times per week)

Around 30 students per class
25 to 30 minutes


55 minutes to 1 hour




M.E.F. Canada Ltd. / CAVI Canada Inc.

3127 41 Ave. NW,
Edmonton AB, Canada T6T1L3
+1 780 801 0348




〒662-0041 西宮市末広町

+81 0798-36-8380


M.E.F. International Ltd.

14/F,China Hong Kong Tower
8 Hennessy Road, Wanchai,
Hong Kong

+852 3008 8336



+86 218 0365438



+86 218 0365438



+86 218 0365438



+86 218 0365438



+86 218 0365438

MEF Vietnam

+84 284 458 2354

MEF South Korea

+82 030 813 1919

MEF Russia

+74 951 288 928

MEF Indonesia

+62 7803 3216 0194

MEF Brazil

+ 55 11 4210 4117

MEF Thailand

+66 2566 0356

MEF Saudi Arabia

+966 800 850 0869

MEF India

+91 117 127 9661


Summit House was established in Shukugawa Japan (Merged with MEF in 2008). The training school operated two branches with up to 300 students studying English.


BEC was established in the Canadian Rocky Mountains (Merged with MEF in 2008). Educating International students going to Canada to study English, tourism, Youth Camps and for students studying IELTS or improving their English before attending Canadian Universities. Accredited by AILIA, Languages Canada, Bildungsurlaub (German Government accredited short term programs), TESL Canada recognized, and held a Canadian immigration access number.


Using professional, experienced teachers, MEF kindergarten program was created. Original developers included Paul Hillier (Canada), Kishen Saujani (Canada), and Erik Archer (USA).


エム・イー・エフ株式会社 (M.E.F. Limited Japan) was established in Osaka, Japan. Specializing in kindergartens and running the MEF English program.


Nagoya and Tokyo Branch opened


M.E.F. Canada Ltd. is established in Canada, Merger with BEC-Rocky Mountains (Canada), Summit House (Japan)


Montreal (Canada) Branch opened. Accredited by Languages Canada, partnered with Bishop’s University (Montreal) and Brock University (Toronto), College of the Rockies (British Columbia) and Algoma University (Sault Ste. Marie), offering a study partnership pathway for University Students.


M.E.F. International Limited was established in Hong Kong for working with our global Kindergarten English brand. System and program test in Guangzhou and recruited the first 50 teachers.


Together with:
福州麦尔孚文化传播有限公司, the MEF Fuzhou Office opens.


Together with:
乐滋国际少儿英文艺术学校, the MEF Shandong Office opens.
杭州华夏教育科技有限公司, the MEF Hangzhou Office opens.


Together with:
重庆英发美讯文化传播有限公司, MEF Chongqing Office opens.
沈阳哥伦布教育咨询有限公司, MEF Shenyang Office opens.


Director of M.E.F. International (HK)
CEO and founder of MEF

“MEF education is traditionally very high quality. The greatest reward for our teachers is to see the smiling, happy faces of the children and watching their English level increase. Our teachers and staff are dedicated and do their best. We are proud to be the best in our industry!”


Strategic Partner & Regional Representative
of M.E.F International
Master Degree (UK),
Graduated in University of Birmingham

“MEF, with more than 15 years of experience in teaching English to young children, focuses on the purpose of cultivating children’s interest in learning English, and continues to develop teaching methods for children’s English in conjunction with the North American education system. Our children sincerely fall in love with learning English”


Director of M.E.F. Ltd. (Japan)
Bachelor of English Literature and Theatre Arts   University of Ottawa
Board Member of Sunshine Kids Official Trainer for TESOL certification
Founder of Nuthouse Education Publishing
Creator of the Emotional Positioning Methodology and Grammar Gestures

“It is easy to tell which children have learned English from kindergarten age. Their pronunciation and learning ability far exceeds those of the students that start studying English later. MEF curriculum is a thoroughly enjoyable curriculum which keeps students engaged and steadily progressing. We are very proud of the program evolution and the compliments that we receive from the parents of our students.”


MEF Head Teacher
Teaching the MEF System for 11+ years.
Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia
Cambridge University – CELTA Certified

“Our students learn English in a fun and positive environment. We believe that a natural and practical English speaking experience is very beneficial. It is our goal for the children to love English and love the MEF program.”

The MEF Program was developed exclusively for kindergarten kids and was tested and proved to be effective by professional and experienced teachers. It reached the win-win-win goal for the customers, learners and provider by bringing the western methodology, curriculum and teaching philosophy to Asia, sending the professional MEF teachers to kindergartens and implementing the whole system to kindergartens. The program was designed for and targeted the non-native English speaking kids and has been operated in Japan for 15 years.

Current changes and problems in early childhood English education:

  • Lack of professional programs/systems
  • Difficult in hiring teachers
  • High turn-over of teachers
  • Communication / Cultural differences
  • Low quality English teachers
  • Student’s lack of spoken English


  • 15 years teaching system experience inside kindergartens
  • Effective hiring system with a long history of long-term teachers
  • Quick, effective and professional training
  • We get children to speak English
  • Western Methodology: Children learn naturally as they would in North America. Native English teachers are only allowed to use English and the homeroom teacher is asked not to translate. Giving children a positive, comfortable and fun experience with a second language leads to a deep interest and desire to learn more as these children grow older.
  • International Stage: Our programs were developed to create an exciting atmosphere for children. They have been developed and tested by professional, experienced teachers. We provide practical lessons, which help children to understand foreign thinking and appreciate cultural differences. We expect children will use their English and have a future advantage.
  • All MEF teachers are from native English speaking countries with native pronunciation and international recognition.
  • All MEF teachers possess bachelor degree or above, clear in criminal record and in good health.
  • All MEF teachers can teach without translation (English Only) in class and lead the children to fully immerse into the thorough English world with passion.
  • All MEF teachers get intensive and extensive training. MEF has trained professional teachers for over 15 years. Teachers are trained extensively on the MEF methodology, the use of the MEF program/system, cultural differences and child psychology before they obtain their ESL Child Teaching Certificate.


– The student’s understanding of spoken English and their ability to express feelings and thoughts clearly.

– for example, the student’s ability to:

  • express their feelings verbally
  • listen to, understand and follow their teacher’s instructions
  • understand classroom discussions
  • use full sentences


– The student’s mathematical and pre-reading skills and their ability to solve problems.

– for example, the student’s ability to:

  • name the letters of the alphabet and related sounds
  • count numbers, move/group objects.

“Research on children’s learning in the first six years of life validates the importance of early experiences in mathematics for lasting positive outcomes”
(Bowman, Donovan & Burns, 2001)


– The student’s connection to their environment, cause and effect, and community experiences while respecting the classroom rules.

– for example, the student’s ability to:

  • understand and remember safety procedures
  • practice good hygiene
  • understanding the importance of nature, helping each other and working as a team.


– The student’s ability to identify feelings, self-regulate and build relationships.

– for example, the student’s ability to:

  • Put the needs of their friend’s first
  • take turns in small groups
  • share and play well with others

“Young children who have strong social and emotional development are more likely to have good academic performance in future schooling”
(Cohen, 2005).


Fine motor: the student’s ability to perform small movements that require hand-eye coordination.

– for example, the student’s ability to:

  • organize balls, colors, shapes
  • Using drawing and writing tools

Gross motor: the student’s ability to perform large movements that involve arms, legs, and body.

– for example, the student’s ability to:

  • climb, crawl, jump, balance

Testing takes approximately 20 minutes per child. It is available for students studying at least 10 hours/week, testing every 3 months.

30-MINUTE LESSONS (one/two times per week)

Generally lessons are 30 minutes/week (maximum 30 students/class). Children learn English naturally through listening, interacting, and having fun with their friends in a group.

Our teachers will visit kindergartens. The teacher visits each kindergarten/has lessons with the children once or twice per week. The length of a lesson time can be adjusted but usually we recommend 30-min/lesson for children 4+ and an introduction to English with short 15 minute classes for children three and younger.

We have weekly topics/vocabulary, conversation, and fun high energy lessons. Children are able to learn naturally in an English only environment!


Small group lesson inside Kindergartens

  • 55 minute classes with around 10 students
  • Provides more attention and faster progress in English.
  • Classes are generally held in the afternoon for the 4/5, and 5/6 year old classes.

Small Group Lesson Key Points

  • The lesson is focused on conversation with fun games
  • Monthly words, pronunciation, conversation
  • Monthly newsletter (online)


Three options:

Option 1 — For kindergartens that have enough classrooms to need a teacher five days a week to be able to provide each student with one or two 30-minute MEF Style classes each week. The teacher teaches at the school 5 days per week. Each student has a maximum 2 lessons/week. For curriculum and more information on the 30-minute lessons please see the one or two days/week program and curriculum example.

Option 2 — Following the kindergarten’s curriculum (More than 1 hour with each class) The school has their own curriculum/system and would like a teacher there 5 days per week (up to 3 hours daily in the morning OR the afternoon). With this option we work with the kindergarten and their system to allow for a more effective customized option for the kindergarten.

Option 3 — MEF Full curriculum (Up to 3 hours/day, 15 hours per week with one or more classes. Generally in the morning) English immersion with the foreign teachers. Students are able to have a mix of fun and excitement with songs, games and activities, physical education, plus do projects, art, math, health, safety, and valuable life skills in an English only environment.

In the case that each class is learning for less than 3 hours in a day, the material and teaching would be scaled to match the time frame.

Our one-hour lesson includes most of the 30-minute lesson, our M.E.F. worksheets/textbook, more individual attention and vocabulary/conversation practice and review.

Please note that the lesson contents vary depending on class size and the age of the children.
Curriculum 1 week Outline
One-Day Example (3 hours with 1 class)

Please click to download our brochure (English version).

Queenstown Kindergarten

Jingui Garden Preschool

Changxin Bay Kindergarten

YiCuiShiJia Kindergarten

Sunshine Heights Preschool

Rose Worthy Kindergarten

Shimen Experimental School

Jingui Kindergarten

Whenever it is an English lesson day, I ask my kid how the lesson was. Each time he says 「It was fun! 」. He hums in English even at home. He is happy with his funny and kind native teacher.

He always tells me “it is fun to play card game with the teacher and friends in circle and sing songs with actions” and also I think the textbook contents are fit to the kids level well.

My kid is having fun and feels more comfortable since she takes the lesson with school friends. She speaks out more English and I can see she is building up her English little by little.

I saw my kid having lots of fun. The price is very economic and it helps a lot.

I put my kid in the class because I want him to be familiar with English. I am glad that I did that as I see they are learning things close to our daily life and starting to speak out those English words at home.

She enjoys taking English lesson and when she comes back home she starts to ask us questions about the words that she learned in the class “what does this mean?” I think it is very good for the children because they can learn English having fun.

Our teachers are trained and have a full kindergarten curriculum and MEF kindergarten English teaching materials.

First, we discuss together the best schedule and requirements for your school.

Depending on the location, we can provide full time teachers or weekly full day or half-day schedules.

We will try our best to accommodate any requirements or requests your school has.

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