Christmas in China

Company Party with the students

After a very challenging year we were fortunate enough to be able to celebrate Christmas in a relatively normal way. In fact, this year Christmas was bigger than ever before! We had our first official company party with the students at the Sheraton hotel, which was a fun night for the children to make crafts, play games and of course, meet Santa! We had performances from the children and the teachers which made it a Christmas party to remember. After the performances we helped ourself to some delicious food, plenty of desserts and a well deserved glass of wine!



Christmas party in School

Normally we would have prepared a Christmas show for the parents to come and see, unfortunately this year we had to make some changes. Due to a few imported cases of the virus in other cities the schools are being extra careful and not allowing too many parents in the school at one time. As a result we recorded our show performances for the parents to see and spent Christmas day celebrating with songs,games and a Christmas party. In the afternoon when the children were sleeping we put a stocking at the end of their beds with a little note inside to tell them Santa had come to visit the school and left them each a gift! The children were so excited, especially when they found out we were going on a hunt for the gifts as Santa had hidden them around the school! We tiptoed around the school and celebrated finding each gift before coming back to the classroom to stuff our faces with Christmas treats. The parents were happy to provide the snacks and one present for their child and the teachers organized the day to make sure there was lots of excitement for the kids.

Foreign teachers party

Each year one of the teachers hosts the Christmas party and we each make/buy snacks and desserts for the party. We order a LOT of pizza, play Secret Santa and catch up on our crazy Christmas week. Christmas away from home can be lonely for many of us, especially when we haven’t been home in such a long time, but we are very fortunate to be surrounded by people in China who put the effort in to make it very special and memorable.