The Bikes of China

Living in the Birmingham, the second largest city in the UK, I was used to seeing gridlocked roads filled with cars, lorries, vans and the odd motorbike or bicycle. I was used to being one of the cars in the centre of all that. As I was preparing to move to China one of the things that I dreaded most was the thought of not having a car. Of not being able to drive to a 24/7 supermarket to get a random snack I'm craving at 1am or go for a drive to clear my head on stressful days. On [...]

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When things go wrong with your E-bike!

E-bikes are a great thing in China, they are very reasonably priced and allow you to travel to places without having to rely on taxis. I have had Rosietta ( my rose gold E-bike ) for over 18 months and she has done a great job at getting me around Jinan and has been my transport to and from work every day. I paid 1500 RMB for my E-bike and haven’t had any issues with the bike itself, but I have needed to bring it back to the shop a few times for repairs ( which were caused by me crashing [...]

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My first month in china: expectations vs reality

Expectations Six months ago, I had never visited Asia, or even spent more than 7 days outside of the UK. The thought of moving to China was exciting but also terrifying. My family thought I was crazy, and some days so did I. I expected the first few weeks to be extremely difficult. I needed to find an apartment, start a new job, navigate a different culture and deal with a language barrier. My biggest fears moving to China was the fear of being lonely. I am a very sociable person and I’m used to having a strong group of friends [...]

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