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Please check one of the following two boxes *:

I have all of the qualifications

I do not have all of the qualifications. (Please explain)

  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree (or higher)
  • English must be your native language/monther tongue. (As per China government policy, the foreign language teacher should teach only the language of his/her native tongue.)
  • Hold a passport one of the following countries: Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa
  • Clear Police Check
  • Be suitable to a kindergarten environment
  • High energy and a kind presence required
  • Some Chinese companies put age the max. age restriction of 40 years of age, as the visa is more difficult to get if you are older. This is case-by-case, and not official, but if you are older you may want to choose a different country with lower visa restrictions.
  • If you have tattoos you must be able to hide them.